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Even if you are accustomed to caring for your pool through the season, the initial opening of the pool can be a big job, and its nice to leave that to a professional and know your pool year is off to a good start.


We enjoy giving attention to small touches that others might pass over, and giving you every bit of value that we can when you hire me for your pool opening service in Powder Springs, Douglasville, and beyond.


At the pool opening we can advise you on any "Smart" upgrades that might be beneficial to you for the long-term care and enjoyment of your pool. 


Please call early to reserve your place in the PoolSmart schedule!

Pool Opening Service Includes:
  • Blow off debris to clear pool deck area and equipment pad
  • Remove, clean, and stow the pool safety cover. (Water bag covers have a small upcharge)
  • Resecure baskets and pool deck equipment
  • Unwinterize the pool plumbing lines and reinstall outlet fittings
  • Reinstall equipment plugs, prime and start system
  • Add initial startup sanitizing chemicals
  • Brush pool walls, clean water-line and skim the surface
  • Advise on any conditions in need of repair or additional attention
  • Complete any additional requested services (vacuuming is additional as determined on a per pool basis)


If you'd like to get to know and rely on the person you entrust with the ongoing care of your pool, and not see a new face every other week, perhaps I can help. 


I have a limited number of available spots on my pool maintenance routes that I am looking to fill with clients who appreciate the peace of mind found in full service, year-round pool care from a reliable, experienced technician.


I currently offer PoolSmart pool maintenance service in Powder Springs, Douglasville, Villa Rica, Winston, and Hiram, GA.

Weekly Maintenance Visits Include:
  • Blow debris off of pool deck area
  • Skim leaves and debris from the pool surface
  • Clear all baskets of debris and brush water-line
  • Test water chemistry and add balancer and sanitizers as needed
  • Vacuum pool floor, and\or service auto cleaner
  • Backwash the filter or check as needed
  • Check system for proper operation or appearance of issues
  • Communicate! reliable updates to you on the pool's condition


If you are responsible for operating a community or HOA amenity pool in Douglas county or South Cobb county, I hope you'll consider partnering with me at PoolSmart Services for the care and upkeep of your swimming facility.

I am a Certified Pool Operator, CPO, and more importantly I have many years of experience in the operation of community pools and can offer you sound advice and reliable performance of the tasks needed to keep your amenity pool ready for you community members to enjoy.  If you'll contact me I'll meet with you and give you a detailed turn-key proposal from PoolSmart to address your needs.

HOA Pool Operation Includes:
  • Coordination with the county health department to complete the opening inspection
  • Twice-a-week service by a Certified Pool Operator, that includes:
  • Vacuuming service and full cleaning of the pool interior
  • Cleanup and care of the pool deck and pool surroundings
  • Maintained operation of the pool equipment, filter cleanings as needed through the season
  • Testing of water chemistry and each visit and upkeep of log of reading history
  • Application of all balancing and sanitizing chemicals as needed


Whatever issue needs attention at your pool's equipment pad, I can address it in an effective and timely way.  From installing a completely new set of equipment for a full upgrade to diagnosing and repairing a minor leak issue, I enjoy identifying the best long-term solution for any repair need.  I believe it's always best give clear advice and let my client decide whether repair or replacement is the best route to go for that solution, and I'll always do my best to successfully complete any repair that's requested, even when others might give up!  Call me today & see how PoolSmart can help you!

PoolSmart Repair Services Include:
  • Pump motor replacements using pro grade motors or upgrades to variable speed motors
  • Filter sand change / replacement, at reasonable rates, along with offering upgrades to Activate glass filter media
  • Plumbing leak repairs, diagnosis of air leaks, all types of repairs to old or damaged plumbing lines
  • Repair or replacement of seized or damaged cleaner booster pumps
  • Heaters, Valves, Chlorinators & More
  • Full diagnosis and quoting prior to initiating repair work, consulting with the client to approve the needed repair
Salt System Repair.jpg


If you need an experienced technician to remedy trouble with your salt system or pool control system, please give me the opportunity.  Hayward Aquarite repairs, Hayward AquaPlus, and ProLogic system repairs are my specialty!  Where possible I will offer repair of component circuit boards when others would only advise a much more costly replacement.  

I also offer swimming pool automatic cleaner repairs and tune-ups, onsite when possible, so if your Polaris, Hayward, or Pentair cleaner unit is not doing the job it used to then let PoolSmart get it running at top performance again!

Other PoolSmart Repair Services Include:
  • Salt System diagnosis and repair, including all Hayward and Pentair models
  • Circuit board repair, salt cell cleaning, reprogramming, repair of any wiring or surge damage issues
  • Diagnosis and repair of automatic cleaner units, - onsite service call applies.  I can repair Polaris 380, Polaris280, Polaris 3900Sport, and many other Polaris, Hayward, and Pentair automatic pool cleaner models
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Closing your inground or aboveground pool properly ensures that your pool water and filtration equipment will be in optimal condition for restarting when spring arrives.  A carefully closed pool removes the need for maintenance and operation cost and effort through the winter.

I'd be happy to take care of this task for you and provide the attention and care that this job needs!

Pool closing service is offered throughout Douglas and Paulding county in Douglasville, Lithia Springs, Dallas, Hiram, Powder Springs, and points beyond.

Please give me a call and let's schedule your pool closing for the ideal point in the season for you pool, 770-462-9142

Pool Closing Service Includes:
  • Blow off debris to clear pool deck area and equipment pad
  • Skim and vacuum the pool for final cleaning before covering
  • Add chemicals  - a final dose of chlorine and algaecide to preserve the pool water
  • Remove the outlet fittings and baskets
  • Winterize pool plumbing with power blower
  • Uninstall drain plugs and caps in all pool equipment
  • Remove pool ladder, handrail, or hardware in the way of the pool cover
  • Place and fit pool cover on the pool
  • Complete any additional requested services 


Are you considering a home purchase in Douglas, Cobb, Paulding, or Carroll county that includes an existing inground swimming pool?  Please consider having me complete a full inspection on that pool to help you identify any costly repair issues with the property.  I've been at hundreds and hundreds of backyard pools over 22 years, and I have a realistic eye for their condition.

I'll report my findings to you in a detailed way that will give you great peace of mind in helping you make an educated purchase decision.  Plus, if you like the results of the inspection, schedule a "PoolSmart Pool School" after closing on the property to get off to a great start caring for your new pool!

Atlanta Pool Inspection Service Includes:
  • A full onsite investigation of the condition of the pool structure and equipment, testing the operation of all systems, including each component, the plumbing, controls, etc., as the current condition and depth of the water allows.
  • A detailed written report of the findings of the inspection, including pictures, highlighting any deficient conditions and explaining an accurate assessment of the cost involved to remedy
  • Verbal followup with the prospective buyer or real estate agent to address any related concerns or questions regarding the pool
  • Optionally, a followup seminar with the new pool owner to teach the operation and care of their new pool and review pool maintenance basics 
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