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Loop-Loc Safety Covers are an investment in peace of mind....

I have small children.  I know the danger of an unattended pool and understand the risks involved with having this body of water as a part of your backyard environment.  Even if you don't have small children, concern for neighbors, pets, even wildlife, should lead you to not cover your pool with a standard tarp-type pool cover if at all possible.  They simply make the pool a greater hazard than if the pool were even just left completely uncovered through the fall and winter seasons.  Fortunately there is a great alternative , one that gives you full peace of mind that the pool water is not accessible, and provides you with many other substantial benefits



A Loop-Loc Brand safety cover is the ideal solution for the care of your pool in the off-season.  Keep out debris, avoid the hassle of skimming and clearing baskets constantly, and take a break from pool care for five months or so.  Loop-Loc safety covers provide a neat and tidy appearance so your pool looks well kept and "put away" for the off-season.  Most importantly, they are strong enough to carry several hundred pounds and won't allow anyone to fall into the pool water.
Loop-Loc Cover1.png

The strength and durability of a Loop-Loc brand safety cover is unmatched, and it is the only cover brand that I will sell and install.  With proper care and storage, you can expect to have your Loop-Loc cover for close to 15 years before need to replace it.  If you have a safety cover and it is time to replace it, I can help you determine your replacement options and ensure you get the proper design and fit.  Loop-Loc covers are available in a variety of colors and can be made of a mesh or a solid material.

Installed Safety Cover.png
I offer Loop-Loc pool safety cover design and installation throughout the metro Atlanta area.  For an exact quote and to discuss options for your specific pool please call me @ 
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