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Nate Buchan



  • ​Husband of an amazing woman

  • Father to six wonderful children

  • Business major graduate of Pensacola Christian College

  • Adopted Georgian, but  native Minnesotan and lifelong Twins and Vikings fan!


I’m Nate Buchan, I’ve been making my living and providing for my family by serving swimming pool owners since I was 20 years old.  Since 2019, I’ve been excited to be able to offer my services to you through my own company, PoolSmart Services. Many years ago a customer commented to me that it must be a blessing to be able to work on swimming pools, a product that brings joy and fun memories to so many families.  I couldn’t agree more! I love what I do and I’d be so grateful to be able to put my 25 years of experience to work to help you restore or enhance the poolside memories made at your home. Please join me and my team in this business venture and learn what smart pool care can do for you!


I’m a Certified Pool Operator, I’ve been professionally trained in numerous seminars by Hayward, Pentair, and Jandy, the world’s three leading pool equipment manufacturers, and prior to founding PoolSmart Services I spent 18 years learning my craft at a great local business, Brown’s Pools & Spas.  Most importantly, I’ve gained wisdom from my work in the field, in the collapsed, the washed out, the debris-filled, and the swampy green pools, and I learned how to make them beautiful again!


Contacting PoolSmart Services for your pool repair or renovations means….

  • the owner will discuss your pool needs with you

  • the owner will meet you at your pool and gives you a firm job quote

  • the owner will schedule the work with you directly

  •  and finally, after myself and my team complete your pool project,  I will thank you personally for your business!


Good business is about relationships.  Relationships are built on trust, and trust is what develops when a business person and his customer act with integrity and goodwill.  When I meet a potential new customer, my hope and my goal is to earn their trust and to build a relationship for the long run, because in the end, that’s good for them, and it’s good for business!


I’ve seen a lot of pool company websites that speak in vague terms about the company’s scope, trying to give you the impression that their size is something more than actuality.  At PoolSmart Services we are small, but we won’t subcontract your project or service, and I want you to know exactly who you’re working with and get to know them as you have services provided at your pool. As our customer base is built and business grows, I’m excited to build a great team around me that feels just as passionately about providing great service as I do!

Meet the staff at PoolSmart....

Caleb Buchan

My brother Caleb joined me at PoolSmart Services in 2020 and is our liner and cover installation expert.  He started doing pool installations and repair work in 2005 and has a wealth of experience in many facets of pool repair and renovation, both inground and aboveground.  He has an excellent eye for detail and prides himself in getting each job done right.  I think you’ll really appreciate the way he goes about his work and enjoy the finished product when he completes your pool restoration!

Ian Buchan

My son Ian has been working seasonally at PoolSmart Services since we started the business.  He’s a steady and capable hand in our team and by now has served as a vital part in completing a few hundred liner replacement projects.  Always courteous and eager to serve, you’ll see him alongside Caleb for most pool restoration jobs. I'm very thankful for his part in this family business!

Lane Brown & Stephanie Brown

My good friends Lane and Stephanie joined us at PoolSmart Services in 2022 and now serve you as the operators of the pool maintenance service portion of our business.  They make a great team, not only as husband and wife and parents to four awesome kids, but as a duo in the business, providing both the in-field expertise and service and the in-office communication and organization, to make the upkeep of your pool hands-off and hassle-free for you.  Both Stephanie and Lane have years of prior experience in pool care, they do a wonderful job taking personal interest in each of our customers and the needs at their pool, and I trust you’ll really enjoy working with them!

At PoolSmart Services Inc. we are -

 Incorporated • Licensed • Insured • Bonded • Certified • 5-Star Reviewed

Ask for details for your peace of mind!

If you’ll allow us to earn your business, we’ll give you our best, - personable service that you won’t find elsewhere!  Contact us now at 770-462-9142

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Helping you bring joy and fun memories to your family, PoolSmart Services
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