Make your Pool "Smart" by updating it with today's pool care innovations!

There are so many improved products and updated systems on the market today for your pool.  As a pool owner it can be difficult to know where the best value lies in improving the operation of your particular pool.  I enjoy learning new technologies and discovering what works well, and I want to put that experience and ingenuity to work for you.  I offer a full line of products from both Pentair and Hayward, the two leading pool equipment manufacturers in the world today.  I back my work with a one-year installation labor warranty and am an authorized warranty servicer for both brands.
Please take a look below at some of the newer products designed to make your pool more efficient and your pool ownership experience more enjoyable, then give me a call at 770-462-9142 as lets see how I can help you enjoy the benefits of one or more of these great products!


A new generation of controller products has come to the market just in the last couple of years.  Now pool equipment can be easily controlled and monitored from any internet connected device, and the technology can be scaled to nearly any pool equipment configuration. 


Systems like Hayward's new OmniHub allow existing standard inground pool systems to be retrofitted for app-based control of the pool's pump, salt system, lighting, heating, and other accesssories. 

These features will put your pool operation within easy reach and are ideal for an on-the-go lifestyle, helping you have your pool ready to use when you want to enjoy it!

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Hayward OmniLogic Control System
Hayward OmniHub
Wifi Controllers
Hayward AquaPlus
Salt System/Controls
Pentair IntelliCenter
Control System
Pentair IntelliConnect
Wifi Controllers 


LED lighting has largely replaced old filament bulb lighting throughout residential applications, yet most swimming pools still have unreliable incandescent light fixtures.  Standard bulbs cast a yellow light that just doesn't look good underwater and on a background that is typically blue.  LED provides a whiter, clean light that will make your pool beautiful! 

Plus, LED bulbs are dramatically longer lasting and more resistant to surge damage than filament bulbs, meaning the need for future repairs and bulb replacement are much less likely.  Whether you install a new fixture or use a retrofit bulb for your existing light, white or color LED lighting will GREATLY enhance your night-time swimming experience!

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Hayward ColorLogic
LED Light Fixtures
Hayward CrystalLogic LED Replacement Bulb
Pentair Intellibrite 5G
Lighting System
Pentair AmerBrite
Retrofit LED Light
J&J PureWhite Pro White LED Replacement Bulb 


The pool pump is the most essential, yet most costly to operate, piece of equipment in your pool system.  Most pools still have a standard, single-speed pump.  This pump can circulate the water well but can cost about 80% more to operate than the variable speed pumps that have come into the market over the last several years. 

There are many benefits to variable speed motors, and one of them is the design of the motor itself. A TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor will last longer and is much less prone to damage by moisture and pests than standard vented motors.

Most pumps can be upgraded without replacing the entire pump!

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Hayward TriStar VS 950 Variable Speed Pump
Hayward Super Pump VS Variable Speed Pump 
Pentair SuperFlo VS
Variable Speed Pump
Pentair IntelliFlo XF Variable Speed Pump


Your pool has a filter, it might be a cartridge filter or a D.E. filter, but it's probably a sand filter.  While the design of a sand filter hasn't change much for decades, the options for filter media to put inside the tank have greatly advanced over the past several years.  Instead of replacing standard filter sand every five years, you can now replace it with the Activate Glass Filter Media.  Activate provides 300 times more filter surface area than standard sand, and it does not need to be periodically replaced.  Plus, enjoy the benefit of less chlorine consumption by your pool, because the filter is doing a better job!


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Pentair Sand Dollar
Top Mount Filter
Pentair Sand Dollar Filter with ClearPro Technology
Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filter System
Maytronics Activate
Glass Filter Media



There are so many other great products available to make pool care more convenient. 

  • There's a reason most new pools are installed with a saltwater system, they just make sense!, - but any pool can be converted with an AquaRite 900 or IntelliChlor system.  

  • Automatic cleaning is more effective and costs less with the advent of robotic cleaners.  Models from Pentair and Dolphin offer great performance without the cost of operating a secondary pump.

  • Gas heaters are designed for higher efficiency and greater resistance to internal corrosion.

  • PoolSmart can assist you in finding the best product for your need and follow up with detail oriented installation services, call 770-462-9142 or visit our Contact Page.

Find out more about these innovative products in the brochures below and at:  or


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